Excellent Teambuilding

Team building, team development, team training, team finding: all of these terms ultimately serve the same purpose: to support teams to fulfill their task - powerfully, joyfully and with excellent results.

According to Wikipedia a team comprises a group of people linked in a common purpose, e. g. to reach a certain goal.Teams are an important supplement to the hierarchical structure/running/set-up of organisations. At the same time good teamwork cannot be taken for granted.  

On the one hand, teams are groups, at least they seem to be. And experience teaches that teamwork can take on peculiar attributes in its dynamics. Therefore one might be inclined to treat teams with group dynamic activities to forge a bond through spectacular common/shared experiences. On the other hand, teams are constituted by accomplishing a common task and in the end, it is all about three basic questions: Who is here and what can s/he contribute?, What is to be done? and How do we do it?/how do we get there?

Teambuilding indoor classic

What is teambuilding all about? At the end of the day that a team knows it's task, works together more fluently, get better results and has more fun.

To achieve this you do not need to climb up trees. It is all about how to communicate new and different, to win clarity and understanding for each other and to build up motivation to do right things in a right way. Nothing more and nothing less. Teambuilding classical activates at eam in a holistic way, teamspirit gets forced and creates a great ground to implement your intentions in everyday life.  

Teambuilding for the very big team

Who are we and what are all the others doing here!?  Cooperation across teams might get rather tricky when many teams are involved, a common identity is required and when looking beyond the obvious is the key to success. Multi-team building combines the power of team building with the proven approach to work in large groups - with astonishing results.

Apart from classic indoor- team development my colleagues and I developed several exciting settings that make team building a special, profound experience in an unspectacular way.

Outdoor Light

This means team development in the nature, with gentle group dynamic tasks which nourish the team-spirit, inspire new solutions and enhance motivation and energy remarkably.

Walk The Talk

When a team discovers its own rhythm while walking, issues can be brought to the point and the distance to everyday problems creates new perspectives for change and development. Focusing on the core issues of your team and the airing that comes with walking result in new inner clarity concerning common goals and tasks ahead.

Picture it

Sometimes called: Pimp your office. White office walls are especially suitable for this kind of sustainable painting performance. Teams join in collaborative creative processes - with artistic supervision swing the paintbrush and create their own picture. Teambuilding as a creative act more every-day-like than we would assume.

Cook-Off The Culinary Teambuilding Project

The Cook-Shop includes planning, shopping, preparation and enjoying a 3-course meal for at least 10 persons. In the Work-Shop that follows you discover together with your team members how your team ticks in terms of projects. From these findings concrete measures and agreements for daily work can be drawn, which enable enhanced performance and joy in teamwork.

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