Move organizations working with large groups

Talking about large groups, working with large groups or facilitating large groups refers to special methods which allow target-oriented, interactive work in workshops or conferences with a large number of participants. The term comes from the American expression Large Group Intervention.

The groundbreaking new aspect of the large-group concept is the practical realization of a communicative process by means of facilitation: many people -at the same time - can interactively take part in changing a system. Together they are able to make plans, act and realize their ideas.

Large groups make sense when interactive working is required. At traditional conventions, conferences and congresses many people are gathered in one place. This can often be a demanding, tedious and boring experience. What a pity! Just a few changes in the concept and these mass events could work out much better. Hence facilitations performed with large group-concepts show significant differences to the traditional forms.

There are manifold possibilities how to work with large groups: Open Space, World Cafe and Future Search Conferences might seem completely different from the outside, however, deep within they have astonishing things in common. 

Working effectively with large groups is something very special: a large group is not a social state of matter in everyday life, but rather an event that follows its own rules.

Some methods have become quite popular in the German-speaking world.

Open Space Technology
Future Search Conference
The World Café RTSC-Conference (Whole Scale Change)
Appreciative Inquiry

Practice has shown that these methods can be perfectly applied in many contexts: for smaller workshops, teambuilding, for communication-based knowledge management, in project supervisions, for dynamic conferences and congresses, as part of trainings. 

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