Excellent Facilitation

Excellent facilitation is the ability of the facilitator to create and encourage the natural flow of communication in order to achieve a certain goal.


In general veryday language does not necessarily differentiate between two distinctly different kinds of facilitators:
One of these species facilitates in the public sphere and appears in TV-shows or can be heard on the radio. This kind of facilitation is addressed to a passive audience, with the main focus on eloquent performance or detailed knowledge of the topic.

My approach wants to reach (inter) active participants, and what is most crucial is a shared and jointly achieved goal.

To open up a natural flow of communication in this context means to make possible/to provide whatever it takes to achieve this goal. In my way of facilitating I apply a wide range of powerful methods and processes that enables people to radically change their way of thinking and to develop emotionally/ to enjoy an emotional reset.  

Careful planning is of utmost importance here.

Holistic facilitation simultaneously draws from cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual sources and thus enables (facilitates!) solutions of particularly high quality. It also emphasises the core elements of successful facilitation, i.e. intuition, clarity, appreciation, careful preparation and profound insight into what it needs to make communication flow.

My approach to facilitation is philosophy, a work-method and successful practice at the same time, it does not depend on group sizes or specific types of events. The wide range of  possible applications reaches from team building, workshops and seminars to conferences or working with large groups of up to 500 participants. 

Here you can see a (german) video of an event that I designed and facilitated: Austrian SocialBusinessday

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